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Tip: using manual lens on a DJI Zenmuse camera and Adobe DNG

Hi again 😉

As I am using a manual lens on my DJI Inspire and Osmo Pro I ran into some problems using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to edit and develop my DNG files.

After an obvious successfull import you can´t edit images taken with every manual lens mounted on a DJI Zenmuse ¾FT camera.

With other RAW convertes like Capture One (Phase One) it works like a charm, but all of my workflow is based on Lightroom, so i needed to got it to run. After short research and contact with camera, lens and software makers I found out whats the problem.
The Adobe Camera Raw module and the Adobe DNG Converter engine are expecting some informations out of the image file, which is not written by the camera as it´s not able to communicate with the lens.

DNG files should contain informations about focal length, aperture and so on, the so-called Opcodes. These also are a part of automatic vignette correction.
As my Olympus OM-D M5 simply seems to leave the fields blank, and therefore works flawlessly, DJI cameras appear to write some weird stuff into the opcode fields which cause the Adobe engines to fail.

The solution is a bit more complicated as i expected. Unfortunately, out there´s just one tool that simply removes (or blank) the opcodes, and it´s designed for macOS.
It was developed by a Leica owner to prevent Adobe LR from automatically correct his DNG files. Read more and get the tool from the Leica-Forum.


As I am using Microsoft Windows and got no macOS device, i thought about using a virtual machine, which works fine. In the end, i use another tool named EXIFToolGUI to write the lens model, aperture and focal length Information tags into the bunch of pictures i took before finally import it.

So everything seems to be fine, but it costs a bit of time.

But what to do now?

Lens manufacturers: They could develop new lenses with chip, which tells the DJI cameras about itself. This will make very interesting lens more expensive and is not a good way.

Adobe DNG Converter / Adobe Camera Raw: Adobe just interprets the DNG file, which is it´s own standard. Adobe could add default options to stupid import images without doing anything after that. That would be great for some people, but.. won´t happen.

DJI: As i stated earlier, my Olympus E-M5 just ignores that it´s mounted onto a manual lens, so DJI just could do the same. But DJI Support mailed me right after contacting it, that the lens is not supported and that was it. The only player in this match who simply could do some software adaption to solve the problem seems to be “not in the mood” of fixing it. 🙁